Hello all, and welcome to my programming portfolio. Here you learn a bit about who I am, my programming abilities, and my journey into the video game industry.

From a young age I fell in love with reading. Reading was an easy way to get lost within my own imagination. After a while I began to write my own stories, some for school, most of the time just for myself. It was a way for me to express myself creatively. Being able to spread my creativity and imagination with others is something I’m passionate about achieving in my life. 

Eventually those books turned into video game controllers, and I had found myself a new creative outlet. Not only were video games the perfect and much needed escape from reality, they were also apart of some my best childhood memories. Whether it be playing Super Mario 64 with my little brother, watching my mom beat Sonic, or the countless all-nighters gaming with friends. I’ve always known games would be apart of my life and now I’m incredibly eager to have the opportunity to be apart of games.

Through the tabs you can view my resume, the team projects I’ve worked on and some of my personal projects as well. Please feel free to contact me at anytime through the information found on my Contacts page.


Favourite Game Genres

  • Shooters, RPG’s,  Mobile Games, Building/Management Games


  • Music, Movies, Books, Travel, Animals