Team Projects

Capstan Gate


Genre: Stealth/Horror

Platform: PC

Software: Unreal Engine (4.9.2)

Language: C++

Role: Gameplay Programmer/Audio Programmer


In Capstan Gate players join Eric Westwood, an 18 year old who watched his parents murder and has become extremely schizophrenic. Having been locked away at the Capstan Gate Mental institution for many years now, Eric has let the voice in his head take over. Driven by his insanity, Eric is desperate to escape. Will Eric be able to regain his sanity? Or will he be become the monster within?


  • Created/Implemented door and vent mechanics
  • Assisted in audio recordings with actors for dialogue used in-game
  • Edited, Imported and Implemented game audio (music, sound fx)
  • Created UI and HUD functionality



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